21 Day Challenge

Day 12: Use Words of Grace May

Read Ecclesiastes 10:12

The wisdom of Proverbs is striking and challenging. The contrast in this verse is between several things. You can be a fool or someone who is wise. You can use gracious words or get swallowed by your own foolish words.

The words you use reveal who you are. They either mark you as a fool or they radiantly shine with wisdom.

It’s easy to be foolish with your words. Like when we speak nonsense or talk about things we know nothing about. Sometimes we even go aimlessly on-and-on about one topic to another rambling into a discursive digression.

The wise person, however, uses gracious words. It’s the difference between someone saying too many things in a foolish manner to someone speaking truth with love and grace. When you catch yourself going aimlessly along with your lips flapping, then stop. Take a deep breath and use gracious words.

Words of grace are simple, courteous, positive and polite.  Say, “Thank you.”  “You’re welcome.” “My pleasure.” “Good job.” “Wonderful!” “You’re getting it now.” “Keep up the good work.” Being impolite is foolish. Being polite is wise.

Don’t use words of disgrace, but use words of grace.  Then, you will no longer look foolish, but wise.

Daron Butler

Today's Challenge

Today let’s use words full of grace.

80 words of grace to use for children, but anyone can use these words of grace for anyone. You can either use words to disgrace to be foolish or offer words of grace to be wise.