21 Day Challenge

Day 9: Confess May

Read 1 John 1:9

If there is one thing I don’t appreciate about being human, it is the issue of sin. Sin is one of the least popular teachings of the Christian faith. We like to pick and choose what to believe and can end up not choosing to believe in the reality of sin. Wouldn’t it be great if we could always pick and choose what we wanted and get the same end result? Regarding exercise, there are people who hate cardio and love to lift and vice versa. What if we could just lift and be completely physically fit? What if we could pick and choose whatever we want to eat and call it healthy? It is the same way with faith. We want to take all the good things about Christianity (heaven, encouragement, answers to prayer) and leave out the harder issues like sin and the daily struggle we have with it.

The reality of sin is never changing. From the very beginning of time, sin has ravaged our race and has caused wars, genocides, immorality and other horrendous acts. Denying the existence of sin and our need for a Savior is futile. Sin is the reason Jesus came to earth in the first place. If we claim to be without sin, the death of Jesus would be pointless because His death forgives and purifies believers from their sin and unrighteousness.

John is writing to a church with some members claiming to be without sin. He is telling them of the reality of sin but that forgiveness is real! He begins by stating that all we need to do is confess. This involves us laying aside our pride, knowing full well that we struggle with sin and knowing that Jesus alone holds the key of reconciliation.

What do you need to confess? Are you too prideful to admit that you have fallen short? Romans 3:23 is simple, “ALL have sinned”. “All” is a 100% word, it includes everybody. The only way you find fulfillment and reconciliation is confessing where you have been wrong.

Jake Lawson

Today's Challenge

Use your words to confess to God.

Start the process of reconciliation.  We have to stop denying the existence of sin in our lives. Lay aside your pride today and confess.