21 Day Challenge

Day 4: Survey Your Words (Part II) April

Read James 3:3-12

It’s all too easy to do and say things online that we might never in person.  When we sit at our computers or hold our phones in our hands, we feel more safe and empowered.  It gives us the ability to say whatever is on our minds, whenever we want for ANYONE to see!  We tend to remove the filters we’ve installed for face to face interactions.  You know, those little mental safety nets that keep us from saying the wrong thing at the wrong time… well sometimes.  Yet, when we get online, it’s like that all goes away and whatever is in our mind spills out onto the page or the post.

James tells us that the tongue is a small, but holds great power.  Words are powerful… and dangerous.  They can have great effect on the person they came from, the people they’re directed at, or even innocent bystanders!  Why do we act like its different online?  Words out of our mouth or words online are both coming from the same heart. James challenges us as believers to be consistent with our words.

“…blessing and cursing come pouring out of the same mouth. Surely, my brothers and sisters, this is not right!”
James 3:10 NLT

It’s taken me a while to learn this lesson… that who I am online matters just as much as in person.  I know all too well that urge to spew out whatever I’m feeling.  I would be lying if I said I’ve never complained about the checkout line at Walmart or spouted off something out of sheer emotion in response to a post I took offense to. Social media is an easy outlet, but we can be better than that and so much more! In order to keep my words in check on social media, I’ve had to learn to ask myself some questions before I post or comment. Take a few minutes today to take a survey of your words online.

Matt Carter

Today's Challenge

Would you commit to asking these questions before you post or comment on social media this week?

  1. Is this encouraging or tearing down?
  1. Is this displaying gratitude or complaining?
  1. Is this offering hope or promoting fear?
  1. Is this striving for connection or seeking attention?
  1. Is this practicing contentment or feeding insecurities?