21 Day Challenge

Day 3: Survey Your Words April

Read James 3:3-12

I’m guilty. I don’t always think before I speak. I’ve used my words to hurt. I like to throw the last punch, have the last word. I say things I don’t mean. I’ve broken promises to people that I care about. I have to fight for control of my tongue. I’ve let life get the best of me and muttered unkind words, even yelled profane words.

One too many times I’ve ended a family kitchen conversation with words I wish never came out of my mouth. Usually with a joke and a smirk, but never really understanding in the moment how deep those words can cut. And since I’m being honest, the basketball court used to have complete control of my tongue. I used to put my jersey in my mouth just to keep my mouth shut.  Sometimes today I wish I still had that jersey to force me to be quiet.

In a matter of seconds, I’ve given away a secrets I swore I’d keep, I’ve said unkind words that pierce deeper than intended, and even let words out of my mouth that never had a place in my mouth to begin with. And until I force myself to sit down and evaluate, my words come and go as they please. I’ve learned (and I’m still learning) that I’m not doomed, but that I have to be intentional about my words.

Are you the one in control of your tongue?  Take a quick survey of your words today.

Rachel Snyder

Today's Challenge

Take a minute to survey your words and start taking control today!

  1. Who/what is in control of my tongue?
  2. My words are powerful, have I been thoughtful or careless with them?