21 Day Challenge

Day 20: Encourage! May

Read Ephesians 4:15

There I was sitting at my son’s soccer game, it was a warm, beautiful spring afternoon. The boys were playing well and it was so fun to watch them. But then it started to happen… not once but again and again and again. The ref made some boneheaded calls. No really, they were TERRIBLE! All of a sudden the warm, beautiful spring day was turning dark. OK, not really, but inside of me it sure was! I found myself SHOUTING at the ref. I let the ref know EVERY SINGLE MISTAKE he was making.

Then it hit me. It hit me hard, “Let no unwholesome talk come out of your mouth but only what is helpful in building others up.” I was convicted. I was deeply troubled honestly, as I wondered: “Did I lose an opportunity to share Jesus with those around me because of my response?”  Did I hurt the name of Jesus because of how I spoke?

Whoa! Let’s challenge ourselves today to watch our words. To be sure that what comes out of our mouths directs people TO Jesus and not FROM Jesus. That our words would be what the scripture says… words that BUILD OTHERS UP.

Tim Boucher

Today's Challenge

Send three Facebook messages or texts today to build others up.  Maybe one of them can be to one of your five?

This week find ways to encourage people with your words. Not just the words you say to them, but also the words they hear you say to others. What can we say this week to encourage people closer to Jesus?