We collaborated and created, and pulled together a list of The Top 10 Fun Things to do with your family this Christmas. Some of them are just for fun, some of them are from our recent posts on Facebook, some of them are just for the kids in your life and some of them will hopefully help your family remember the true meaning of Christmas. Enjoy!

  1. Merry Christmas from Pastor Nick! Watch this short video from Nick about Christmas morning at the Clevelands.
  2. #GraceChristmasChallenge – Film yourself, your family, your friends (whoever you want) singing Hark the Herold Angels Sing and post it social media with the hashtag #GraceChristmasChallenge. For a laugh and more details, watch the video of Pastor Ben and his dog, Spurgeon on our Facebook page.
  3. The Worship Band performs a Christmas carol using only preschool instruments. Just watch, you won’t regret it!
  4. Remind your family of the real reason for celebrating Christmas. Read or act out Luke Chapter Two on Christmas morning before you open your presents.
  5. Nothing will radically change your family like reading God’s Word together! Read the Christmas Day Family Devotional from Grace Church.
  6. Sing some Christmas favorites with the Grace Kids Stage team!
  7. Remember “Grace Kids Tells the Christmas Story from Christmas Eve 2015? This one will probably never get old from year to year! Re-watch both versions for a good family chuckle.
    “Back in the Day”
    “I Dunno”
  8. Watch, re-watch or share the Christmas Eve Service or any of our other services!
  9. Help your kids fall in love with God’s Word! Download “The Bible App for Kids” for your smart phone or device for a fun interactive Bible for your kids to learn and grow.
  10. Do something truly sacrificial. This could be the hardest challenge of all. Stop in the middle of your hectic Christmas season and plan to do something completely sacrificial for someone else. There are so many opportunities in Wayne County and beyond. Here’s some ideas for your family from Grace Kids!