Throughout the “You Asked For It” series, we’ve answered many questions that we all have regarding a wide range of topics, but we didn’t have time to answer all of them. Fear not! Below, you will see *some questions YOU asked that we weren’t able to directly answer from stage.” These are all questions that we have answered in past series. For each of the questions listed below, you will see exactly when we answered the question and a link to the sermon itself! You can also go back and re-watch the questions we answered from stage, in our You Asked For It Series, here.


  • Does it seem wrong how many churches have loads of spaces for people to listen but very few for them to speak? We all end up feeling inadequate and alone. And the thoughts of our silent ones can’t strengthen our church or make it grow.
  • Does it ever bother you to hear “wives submit to your husbands” without “husbands, love your wives as Christ loves the Church and gave Himself up for it?” Does it make you uncomfortable that submission is used to justify abuse in some homes? It bothers me.
  • Are we at the end times?
  • When we die, do we go to Heaven or Hell or are we in a state of sleep? Because Revelation talks about “the graves opening up and the sea giving up the bodies… and book of life”.
  • How does prayer work?
  • God the Father, Son and Holy [Spirit] are one…How do we explain that? God is Jesus’ Son – Two different people?
  • If God the Father and Son are one person, then please explain how Jesus was living on Earth while God the Father was in Heaven.
  • How do we show people the love of Christ in the current world’s situation?
  • How do I spread the gospel to my friends and involve God into my conversations?

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