Pastor Nick Cleveland, Senior Pastor

I love Christmas! The presents, trees, decorations, lights, family gatherings, meals, parties, cards, ugly Christmas sweaters, and church services. It’s a fun time of year and is often times filled with awe and wonder. But there’s one thing I love about Christmas more than all those things… Christmas Eve Services at Grace Church! It’s a crazy busy day for my family but I wouldn’t have it any other way because we get to see lives changed through the hope of the Christmas message.

Every year months of preparation go into making these times of worship and celebration of our Savior meaningful and powerful. We don’t want to wow you with a show, but rather arrest your attention on the beauty, wonder, and gift that is found wrapped in a manger. Everything we do we expect to be done with excellence and with you in mind. So as you consider attending Christmas Eve at Grace Church here are a few things you can expect:

Services throughout all day (and night) – Services will be as follows: 3 identical traditional services at 10am, 4pm & 6pm / 3 identical contemporary at 10am, 6pm & 11pm. We will be having services spanning 14 hours! Chose which one works for your schedule and make plans to be here! You will leave Grace Church filled with the hope found in the real message of Christmas!

Gathering of people – There will be all kinds of people attending services. Some people attend Grace Church every week. Many will be first time guests. Some make attending church a Christmas tradition. No matter how familiar you are with church and faith you will be welcome at Grace Church! No matter your background, color, creed, or life stage you are welcome at Grace Church! We believe that every person matters to God. You matter to God and you matter us! You will leave Grace Church knowing that God loves you and that you matter to Him and to our church!

Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ – Every service will include meaningful worship songs, Christmas carols, and moments of reflection and prayer. Each service will also feature a relevant to your life message from God’s Word on how Christmas isn’t about you, but it sure is for you! There will be Grace Kids for kids up through Grade 6 in the morning, through 4th grade at 4:00pm and 6:00pm, and through age 5 at 11:00pm where children will learn about Jesus on their level. You will leave Grace Church having truly celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ!

Christmas Eve at Grace Church will be an all day gathering of people celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ! I personally invite you, your family, and your friends to join us this Christmas Eve at Grace Church! I promise you’ll leave thankful you came!


Christmas Eve Services