Wooster Christian School Relocation

Frequently Asked Questions

Wooster Christian School &
Grace Church

Are excited to announce a great new location for WCS which allows both organizations room for future growth! WCS is relocating to Church of the Saviour’s campus at the beginning of the 2017-18 school year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What does the new partnership with Wooster Christian School look like?

A:  Grace Church plans to financially support Wooster Christian School and partner together to reach Wayne County with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Grace Church also plans to host a few Pre-K Classes (See Below.)

Q:  Will Grace Church host any classes on its campus?

A:  Wooster Christian School plans to operate a 2-day and 3-day Pre-K class hosted at Grace Church.

Q:  Will there be a shuttle from Grace Church to the new Wooster Christian School location?

A:  Wooster Christian School plans to offer a shuttle from Grace Church to Church of the Saviour to assist families, if there is need (especially those who live North of Wooster).

Q:  Is Wooster Christian School an independent corporation?

A:  Wooster Christian School is in the process of establishing its non-profit and 501c3 status.

Q:  Will the relationship of Wooster Christian School be the same with Church of the Saviour as it was with Grace Church?

A:  The relationship will be different because Wooster Christian School will be an independent corporation operating on Church of the Saviour’s campus.

Q:  What’s the long-term plan for Wooster Christian School?

A:  While long-term plans are not set in stone; many opportunities are available for growth at Church of the Saviour including land available for a new building.

Q:  Will tuition change?

A:  The School Board will remain committed to keeping Wooster Christian School tuition affordable to families. Historically, the school has been very competitive with tuition rates and plans to remain that way.

Q:  Will all current Wooster Christian School programs remain after the move?

A:  The School does not plan to cut any programs as a result of the move.  They will continue to operate Pre-K – 8th Grade with curriculum that includes a strong emphasis in music, art, physical education, and extra-curricular activities.

Q:  Doesn’t Church of the Saviour already have a Pre-K program?

A:  Yes! Wooster Christian School plans to work with their existing program and staff to offer Wooster Christian School Pre-K at Church of the Saviour as well.