Meet Nicole Peters! Nicole has been serving on the worship team since March 2012; for 6 1/2 years! She began serving because she felt God calling her to use her talents for the church. She loves serving with the team and interacting and mentoring newer team members. It’s been neat to watch Nicole trust God while taking her next steps and building relationships for the kingdom. Nicole has been a faithful worship leader even while her and her husband, Matt, have started their family.

We asked Nicole what she would tell someone that was interested in serving… she said she encourages people to “definitely do it because it is a great way to get involved, to form relationships, and to be a good steward for God.” Serving on the worship team gives her an easy way to invite people to church.  She said, “I’ve seen many people come to Jesus from just a simple invite to hear their friends/family members sing and play on the worship team. Once they are at church – God gets to do the rest and really work in their hearts.” Life change really is just an invitation away!

Having three worship venues on Sunday mornings has allowed our worship team to grow! We place high value on our practice time on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings so that our congregation can experience worship in an environment that is not distracting and points to God. We are looking for worship leaders and instrumentalists to continue to multiply the impact of our ministry. If you are interested in joining the worship team, click the link below to see the audition process:

Audition Process

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