Pastor David Lawson

Whether or not we are an adventurous pioneer ourselves, we love the pioneer spirit. We are inspired by it. Our hearts resonate with us. Somehow the pioneer spirit is part of our makeup in the image of God.

Our church’s history is filled with examples of the pioneering spirit. It began as a small band of believers after WWII, who believed that the Bible had answers for the world’s problems. Eventually it grew on the shoulders of highly committed families, some of whom literally mortgaged their farms and homes to give greater opportunity to the spread of the gospel in Wayne County.

Grace Church has been built on the favor and grace of God and the pioneer spirit of faith-filled men and women. Pioneers are who we are!

A pioneer is many things. But it seems to me, that first and foremost, a pioneer is someone who stretches boundaries to create opportunity.

I’ve been reading the book of Nehemiah, and throughout the next few posts here, I want to share a few things God is teaching me about the pioneering spirit. Here’s the overarching lesson God is teaching me:

God accomplishes great things through a pioneering spirit

God is doing something new at Grace Church! He’s moving and we’re making room for more people in every service. Is God doing something new in you? Are you ready to be a trailblazer here for what God’s up to? Let’s learn together throughout the next few posts some characteristics of great pioneers found in Nehemiah.