Pastor Steve Kern

Let’s face it . . . the Greatest Gift ever given was the Father’s gift of Jesus given on our behalf. He was given out of love (John 3:16; Rom 5:8). Paul describes this gift as “indescribable” (2 Corinthians 9:15)!

As we celebrate the amazing gift of Jesus to us, it is only fitting for us to respond in generosity to others. Our Greatest Gift Christmas Offering allows us to bless others for Jesus’s sake in a special way beyond our normal giving patterns. Thank you for considering a gift!

Here are the life-change opportunities that are part of The Greatest Gift Christmas Offering this year:


  • Pregnancy Care Center of Wayne County – God is using this ministry to encourage and support families and pregnant women. As a result, many parents are making good decisions about their children and their care. The PCC have recently purchased a new, larger facility. Your gift will help to renovate the facility to make it a warm place for this great ministry to continue to grow.


  • Grace Church Campus – We are one church, thousands of locations, and, perhaps in 2021, another campus! Your gift will help to provide facility, personnel, and resources that will allow us to extend gospel ministry in the name of Jesus to another community.
  • Contrast Church – In recent years, God has used our prayer and financial support to see Movement Church and Three Creeks Church established in Columbus. Together with these churches, we are coming alongside of Contrast Church in the heart of Grandview Heights in reaching people for Jesus and helping them grow in faith. Your gift will help Contrast Church move towards maturity and self-support.


  • Asia’s Hope – Our commitment to rescuing 90 kids in 4 homes in 2 different countries (Cambodia and Thailand) has been a moving expression of God’s compassion for the marginalized. Your gift enables us to continue to demonstrate that compassion in meaningful ways.
  • Water for Good – Water for God provides fresh water and the gospel to people in the Central African Republic. As a result, people experience better health and life eternal. Your gift will provide fresh water to 2600 Africans in the village of Bania North.

Your generosity will result in blessing from our own neighborhoods to the nations. Thanks for considering an “above and beyond gift” through the Greatest Gift Christmas Offering!

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