You Asked For It

How To Handle Questions

We’ve all been asked questions that have left us stumped. When it comes to our faith, we have questions that we may feel intimidated or ashamed to ask. To open this new You Asked For It series, Pastor Nick answers the question of how to answer tough questions by taking a look at how Jesus did throughout His ministry. In this message, we will learn how to answer tough questions in the way Jesus did and, as a result, point them to God.

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What is Love? Who is Jesus?

“What is Love?” and “Who is Jesus?” are two of the most-searched questions about spirituality. Maybe you’ve wrestled with these questions at one point or another. Well, here’s the cool thing: if we want to know what love is, we just have to look at Jesus because Jesus is love. His love for us is sacrificial, selfless and seeks to give of itself unconditionally for the sake of others. When we know Jesus and have a relationship with Him, then we also know love. WATCH this week’s message to find out more about how we can know what is love and who is Jesus.

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You Asked For It - Questions Pt. 1

Throughout this series, we have been grappling with how to answer the burning questions in our hearts and in our communities. In this message, Pastors Nick, Tim, Billy, Dave, and Randy answered some of the many questions that were sent in for this series, like questions on raising children, LGBQT, how to know you’re saved, is cremation ok, and more! Check this message out for those answers, from Scripture, and how you can access resources where we will continue to answer these questions!

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You Asked For It - Questions Pt. 2

This series has been an incredible time to get some of our questions about faith answered! In this message, we wrap up this series by getting a few last questions answered regarding baptism, communion, pain/suffering, the Holy Spirit and more! Remember, how you handle questions reveals who you trust!

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