Winning: Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets

What is Winning?

As we shift our focus from 2022 to 2023, it seems customary to think about what we want this new year to be. How do we want to grow? What changes do we want to be made? What resolutions would we like to see and stick to throughout the year? In this message, Pastor Dave kicks off a new series called Winning: Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets. To start, Pastor Dave defines “winning” and how we can best position ourselves to make 2023 a year of winning!

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Winning in Your Mind

Your mind is a very powerful thing. It has been said that your life moves in the direction of your strongest thoughts. As we continue in our Winning series, we’re learning how we can win in our mind. Paul, in his letter to the Philippians, lays out some very clear ways that we should be thinking. Pastor Nick walks us through those and challenges us to think the same way today!

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Winning with Better Decisions

We’ve all made decisions that we regret. A huge part of this series has been to make better decisions that lead to fewer regrets. In this message, Pastor Nick talks about how we can make better decisions in our life and in our faith that lead to a year of winning!

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Winning With Money

If there’s any area in our life where it’s easy to make poor decisions, it’s with our money. In this message, Jeff Walter talks about how we can win with our money!

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