What is God Like?

In this series, we will be learning about what God is like. We will be learning about His characteristics, the concept of the Trinity, Jesus and, often the forgotten God, the Holy Spirit.

The Father

How would you describe God? How would you put God into words? While we cannot fully understand God, we can truly know God. Watch to learn more about who God is.

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Who is Jesus?

It’s hard to know WHO Jesus is, when this day in age, we try to make Jesus in OUR image instead of us being made in HIS image. Watch to see what JESUS said about who He is and what that means for our lives.

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The Spirit

The Holy Spirit can be confusing. Watch as Pastor Nick answers the questions: Who is the Holy Spirit?, What does the Holy Spirit do? and How do I know the Holy Spirit is in me?

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The Trinity

Have you ever wondered how God can be one God, but yet the Father, Son AND the Holy Spirit? Pastor Dave explains the Trinity and why it matters to each one of us.

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