What If?

So what’s your “what if”? This series is going to challenge us to overcome the paralyzing things that hold us back from the possibilities of what God can do in and through our lives. Each week will come directly out of Romans 8 and the “ifs” mentioned in that chapter. John Piper calls this chapter the greatest chapter in the Bible. Martin Luther called it the “clearest gospel of them all.” So we will look at the “ifs” of Romans 8 and invite ourselves to embrace the opportunities in our lives.

From 'If Only' to 'What If?'

We all struggle. What is your biggest struggle? Regret from the past, sin you’re dealing with right now, failure you’re experiencing? God is for you and that’s a confirmed promise not an unconfirmed possibility. He is for you with His love, forgiveness, and grace.

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What If There's More To Life?

We all have cravings, appetites, and desires. They make promises they can’t deliver on and after we devour what we crave we can be left wondering, “What if there’s more to life than this? What if there’s a better life than what you’re living?” God says there is.

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What If It Hurts?

Life hurts and God heals. His glory outweighs our suffering. You must come out of denial, admit you’re powerless, and find hope in Christ. Imagine the confidence you’ll find in Christ and His glory.

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What If It Takes Time?

We all hate to wait. We hate lines, delays, detours, and lack of progress. In today’s service, discover how God uses patience to produce possibilities in and through our lives.

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What If You Went For It?

We all have something that holds us back from experiencing the life we want. God created you on purpose and for a purpose and is working for His best in your life. Imagine fulfilling the calling He has on your life on this planet.

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No Ifs, Ands or Buts!

Do you ever doubt your life?  Do you ever doubt God?  Do you ever doubt He actually loves you?  There are no buts ands or ifs about it, God loves you!  He is for you and he proven it.  Because of Easter you can be united with God and know His love .  Imagine your life completely connected to God and His love for you!  What if…

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