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You Are Chosen

From places, to things and even ourselves, we love to label things. In a world that is full of people telling us how we should label things, it’s important to know how God labels you. You may think you are nothing more than your past of what people say about you. However, in today’s message, Pastor Nick talks about who God says that we are and how, with that label, all the others don’t matter!

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You Are Saved

Did you know that you were created to last forever? One second after you breath your last, you will spend eternity somewhere. In today’s message, Pastor Nick teaches through Ephesians 2 and talks about who we were apart from God, how He intervened and what our lives are like as a result. Not only are you chosen by God, but you are also saved and made completely new in Him!

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You Are Loved

Do you ever feel like you can’t access God? Do you ever feel like He’s off limits? Maybe you feel like, because of your past, you don’t deserve to even talk to Him. In chapter 3 of Ephesians, Paul tells us, quite clearly, that when you are “in Christ”, you have access to God. The One that spoke the world into existence…the One who breathed life into man is the same One who wants to hear from you! In today’s message, Pastor Nick speaks on the access we have to God as well as some simple prayers that we can use to further trust in God’s plan for our lives!

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A Different Way of Life

It’s no secret that the world is full of broken people. In fact, as followers of Jesus, we understand that we ourselves are broken and in need of a Savior. Yet, there’s hope. When the world gets darker, the light shines brighter. What if we lived in such a way where our lives reflected values of telling the truth, controlling our anger, being generous, speaking words that add value, forgiving others, and pursuing the real thing? How would our neighborhoods look different? How would our schools look different? How would our families look different? How would our workplaces look different? How would Medina and Wayne counties be different? In today’s message, Pastor Nick encourages us to lean into this different way of life.

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A Different Family

In a society where the family is less and clear, God has clear expectations on how the family should be run and how the relationships should happen. In this message, Pastor Nick teaches through a passage from Ephesians all about how husbands, wives, children and parents should interact with one another. No matter what your family dynamic looks like, God has a clear expectation on how our relationships with one another should be.

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A Different Work Ethic

Do you ever dread Monday because it means the start of another long work week? Maybe it takes all you’ve got just to make it to the weekend. But what if work wasn’t something you hated, but instead, something you see as good and a gift, despite being hard at times. In this message, Pastor Nick teaches us about God’s view of work and how our mindset and approach to work can make all the difference.

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A Different Battle

There is so much conflict going on in our world today that it’s hard to believe that we would be unaware of conflict happening so close to home. What often goes unnoticed is the battle that is ongoing in the spiritual realm. In today’s message, Pastor Nick talks about how we can be aware of this battle and can protect ourselves from Satan’s relentless attacks and fight back with truth.

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