Looking for something more in life?  There’s a life out there that gets you out of bed in the morning and let’s you go to sleep waiting to wake up and continue the adventure that God has for you. Discover how to unleash the life that God has in store for you in this three-week series.

Unleash Your Life

Sometimes it feels like everything in life leaves us just a little emptier than the last thing. We keep looking for satisfaction and happiness in all the wrong places and for all the wrong reasons. Don’t stay stuck settling for less than the best. This week we discover the life that God has for us… the best life.

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Unleash What You Have

Unleash what you have! God cares about our potential. Discover what he’s given you and wants you to unleash for His Kingdom!

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Unleash The Church

We live in a  day and time where the message of Jesus is completely strange to those around us. How can we live with people we disagree with? God wants us to pursue righteousness and unleash kindness. Imagine what our world would be like if an army of convictional kindness was unleashed in our culture!

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2016 UNLEASH! Conference - David Lawson

Pastor David Lawson speaks on serving at the 2016 UNLEASH! Volunteer Conference.

2016 UNLEASH! Conference - Nick Cleveland

Senior Pastor Nick Cleveland speaks on serving and how we should never be a “half-filled bag of the world’s best chips” at the 2016 UNLEASH! Volunteer Conference.

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