Turn the Beat Around

Turn the Beat with Your Time

In our culture, busyness is almost seen as a badge of honor. While our culture’s rhythm could be described as busy, distracted and rushed, God has a different rhythm for our lives, one that’s intentional, present, and unhurried. Our time is our most valuable commodity. In this new year, let’s turn the beat around with our time and change the rhythms in our lives to be more intentional, present, and unhurried.

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Turn the Beat with Your Health

How’s your New Year’s resolution going? This year, instead of trying to do it all and ending up doing nothing, let’s just try to fight the fade. Watch as Pastor Dan helps us simplify our health back to the most important thing, being fit to serve.

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Turn the Beat with Your Finances

Who really owns what I have? If we aren’t careful, we can easily begin believing that because I worked for it, it’s mine. But the truth is, everything belongs to God. Watch this message as Pastor Nick gives us practical steps, rooted in Scripture, to help us change our rhythms with our money.

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Turn the Beat with Your Relationships

Relationships can be wonderful but they can also be difficult. Why is that? While we may not want to admit it, it’s often our own selfishness that causes our relationships to suffer. But there’s good news! God has a different rhythm for relationships. This rhythm was lived out by Jesus, the perfect example of humility, and if we begin to embrace that humility in our own lives, our relationships will be transformed. Watch this message to see how we can live from a mindset of humility, rather than selfishness.

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Turn the Beat with Your Devotion

What would it take for you to go all in with your faith? We can’t truly be all in while wanting to keep our options open. Life with Jesus is better than anyone or anything. Are you willing to give all that you have to experience the full life that Jesus has for you? Watch today’s message to discover how to turn the beat around with your devotion.

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