The Full Life

The Full Life from the Empty Tomb

Easter isn’t just about candy, baskets and pretty dresses. The empty tomb, which we celebrate on Easter, means that we get to live a FULL LIFE! And that’s a big deal. Watch to hear more on what Easter means for each one of us.

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Leave Behind What's Empty

We’re all looking for something to make us happy, but we will never be able to experience the full life while we’re chasing things that leave us empty. Watch as Pastor Nick talks about how to leave behind the things that leave us feeling empty as we step into a new, full life.

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Fulfilling Relationships

Relationships are tricky. They can make us or break us, because people have influence in our lives. So how can we chase after meaningful relationships? In this message, Pastor Nick tells us how the full life produces the most fulfilling relationships.

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The Full Life: Family (Mother’s Day)

What we do in the home… our expectations in the home… how we relate to one another in the home… are all dictated what we know about God and what we believe about God. Watch to learn how the full life levels up our family relationships, as we continue in our Full Life series with Pastor David Lawson and his wife, Julie. 

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How to Make Work Fulfilling

Too often we live for the weekend and try to endure the weekday. A Gallop poll in 2019 said 85% of people are unhappy in their job. But what if your work could be fulfilling? Today, we’ll see how Jesus changes our job too.

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