The Chosen One

Jesus changes things and he wants to change your life.   Whether you’re new to faith or been around it your whole life, there is always a next step!  This Christmas series about the birth of Jesus will unpack why Jesus is “The Chosen One” and how he can transform your life.

The Chosen One As King

We always try and do everything on our own.  Our priorities get messed up, and we find ourselves in situations we never dreamed!  Take a minute and listen to this message on how Jesus is a better King of our lives than we ever could be!

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The Chosen One As A Servant

How can a King take the position of a servant?  That’s exactly what Jesus did.  He came to the world as the chosen one, and was a servant.  Being selfless isn’t about thinking less of yourself, it’s about thinking of yourself less.  Wouldn’t it be a great Christmas if we started giving more than getting? It could completely transform our lives.

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The Chosen One As The Great Connector

It’s often that we find ourselves in situations where we feel like Jesus could never understand what we are going through, but that’s not the truth!  Jesus is the Son of Man and is uniquely connected to us and relates to us.  Learn more about how Jesus gets where you are, but loves you enough to push you toward your next step in Him!

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