The summer of Psalms. You won’t want to miss this 8-week journey through one of the most loved books of the Bible. Whether you’re full of praise or in the depths of despair, the Psalmists are right there with you. You’ll find Psalms filled with praise, joy, hope, encouragement, despair and a safe place to go when you need it most. The words of the Psalms are still fresh and vibrant as we face life today. This series points us back to the truth and to the only place to find true hope and fulfillment, regardless of where we find ourselves in life.

His Love Endures Forever

Feel unlovable? Or like there’s no way God could love you? Everyone of us has different moments in life where God feels so distant and doubt sneaks in. This week in Psalms is just for you. God’s love never stops; don’t miss out on his goodness and greatness in your life.

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Spiritual Refreshment

Tired? Worn down? Burned out on religion? Don’t miss this message about how to find real refreshment. When life has gone stale with the wrong things, you can get refreshed by pursuing the right things.  Learn how to stay connected to the only refreshment that will never let you down.

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Overcoming Fear

What are you most scared of?  Rejection? Intimacy? Losing control? Death? The future?  All of these plus more? Fear and insecurity keep us from the best life.  With the power and presence of God not only can you face your fears, you can overcome them confident that the best is yet to come.

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The Leader Everyone Wants

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a quick fix for the injustice and inconsistencies of this world? We desire a perfect leader to bring justice to the world. There is hope, because the Bible promises just this in our perfect leader Jesus who will bring justice to the world.

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Get To Know The Father

It’s easy to feel like God is distant and disconnected from our world and our every day life. Join us as we discover that this one-dimensional view of God is a myth and discover that God is a connected, loving and personal Father in Heaven.

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Is This God Thing Really Worth It?

“Is It (This God Thing) Really Worth it?” Find out why it is and what you can gain by staying near God and to know his ways.

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We’re human. We mess up, and then we cover it up. But even when “nobody else knows,” we know, God knows and it eats away at us from the inside out. The good news is that God promises us a fresh start and a restored relationship with Him… learn how in this week’s message.

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Lessons From The Fire

In even the hardest of times, God promises to be our security and our strength and to be present. Learn about how to trust Him and let him do the heavy lifting as Pastor Nick explains the lessons he is currently learning through his family’s house fire.

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