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We’ve all felt it. Someone cuts you off in traffic, your kid doesn’t listen the first time, technology doesn’t work, someone speaks harshly to or even hurts someone you love…we all have felt and struggle, with varying degrees, with anger. In today’s message, our weekend teacher, Dan Owolabi helps us think about what we do when anger gets the best of us. How do we react? How do we improve our handling of anger? What can we learn from Scripture that will help us better understand and control our anger?

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There is so much in this world that can get our minds spiraling. What do you do when anxiety attacks you? How far do you allow yourself to spiral before you’re able to recenter yourself on Jesus? In today’s message, Pastor Nick talks about anxiety and how we can’t control it but can always surrender it. How do you deal with anxiety? Talk to your Father, your friends and directly to your feelings. There is freedom and peace in Christ!

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What do you do when greed gets a hold of your heart? We’ve all been there…meeting a greedy person or even seeing one in ourselves. In today’s message, Pastor Nick talks about how we can counter greed with generosity and how we can see ourselves and our possessions as gifts from God. At the end of the day, giving plays a huge part in salvation. What steps can you take to get greed out of your heart?

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There’s little that can as emotionally heavy as guilt. When we’re holding onto something and keeping it hidden it can feel like, according to David in Psalms, like we are wasting away. What do we do when guilt has its hold on us? In today’s message, Pastor Nick talks about how we can utilize guilt to draw us closer to Jesus with a spirit of repentance!

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