We can accomplish way more together than we ever could apart. God is working at Grace Church, we are seeing people’s lives changed! But we know that our potential is limited if we aren’t pulling together for the same mission and vision. In this series, you’ll get to hear the heartbeat of Grace Church from Pastor Bob and Pastor Nick. We are better together. We are reaching Wayne County with a life-changing message of hope, and we aren’t planning to stop.  We have one mission, one power and one dream. You’re not going to want to miss this powerful series.


Satan wants nothing more than for the church to compete against each other; God wants the church to complete each other. Often times we tend to look out for number one.  We forget that together we can accomplish more than we ever could separately. But when we can come together and celebrate diversity, we have the opportunity to find a harmony that builds unity! Find five ways to pray for unity in our church (that Pastor Nick references in this message) at


One Mission

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One Power

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your obstacles? Inadequate for the task? Powerless to deal with your problems?  Jesus made it clear that only the Holy Spirit provides the power of God in our lives. There is something special about that unique power of God. It’s available to every one of us who has a relationship with Jesus. It’s a supernatural power that He wants to bring to all of us.

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One Dream

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Awesome. I Have It.

Your couch. It is mine.

I'm a cool paragraph that lives inside of an even cooler modal. Wins!