Stop Being Offended

We live in a world full of offended people. However, as Christians we are called to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. Watch this week’s message as Pastor Nick teaches from James 1:19-20 about how to let go of anger and offense, and instead lead with love.

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Dealing With "Those People"

We all get offended. How you react in that moment will say a lot about you. Today, Dan Owolabi shared about dealing with “those people” while praying to God that we would not respond in anger, but instead stay above the line.

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You're Not As Right As You Think You Are

When was the last time you were wrong? How about this, when was the last time you ADMITTED you were wrong? It’s natural to want to argue our “rightness,” but maybe we aren’t always as right as we think we are. Watch as Pastor Nick leads us through a parable from Luke 18 about how to humbly admit when we’re wrong.

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When Forgiveness Seems Impossible

When someone offends us, it’s not always easy to forgive them. In fact, sometimes it seems impossible. It’s far easier to be offended. Yet holding onto unforgiveness is no way to live. Watch as Pastor Nick shares from a parable in Matthew 18 about forgiving others. This message reminds us that forgiven people forgive people, and when we forgive others that have offended us, we can escape the prison of our own unforgiveness.

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