Love & Sex

Our culture loves to talk about love and sex.  Starting in February, we’re going to talk about it too.  In this 3-week mini-series we will explore what God says about this topic.  We will explore myths that we believe, secrets we carry with us, and finally on Valentine’s Day we will walk through the different seasons of love and the lessons God has for us in each season.  It may be cold outside, but this series will be sure to warm things up!


Week one of our ‘Love and Sex’ series will be all about the myths that we believe and diving in to what God has to say about this topic.

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You’re not going to want to miss this week of our ‘Love and Sex’ series as we learn to uncover the secrets that we carry with us.  Shame and guilt from your past may haunt you, but God has something way better for you – a brand new life of freedom. This powerful message shares hope and forgiveness regardless of the situation you’re in.

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Week 3 of our ‘Love and Sex’ series is for everyone, whether you’ve been single your whole life, married for years, or recently single we know you’ll find this message encouraging as we talk about what God has to say about each season of love.  


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