Kindness Campaign

Why Kindness?

In a world where it is increasingly more common to be blunt and unkind, we are called to show kindness to those around us so much so that people will know us by how we treat people and see Jesus within us! In today’s message, Pastor Dave kicks off our new Kindness Campaign series by talking about why kindness is so important and the impact it can have on our lives and those around us if we take it upon ourselves to be more kind!

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A Kind Word

We all know just how powerful words can be. We have been encouraged by them but also torn down. Words have power. In this message, Pastor Billy talks about the power or words, the importance of speaking life to people and teaches us ways that we can benefit those around us through our words!

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Kindness and Generosity

Kindness and generosity go hand-in-hand because generosity is the fruit of kindness. When I encounter the people in my life, do they see kindness through my generosity? Maybe today is a perfect opportunity to evaluate the areas where we extend and withhold our generosity. WATCH this message as Pastor David walks us through how we can be generous with our attention, our time, our faith, and our possessions as we continue on this kindness campaign.

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A Seat At The Table

In our world today, it’s more normal to fight against our enemies than to show any sort of kindness to them. In today’s message, Pastor Billy talks about King David and his act of kindness towards Mephibosheth, who was an “enemy.” David’s act of kindness is a great picture of God’s kindness to us. Just as David invited Mephibosheth to have a seat at his table, God is inviting us–and those around us–to have a seat at his table.

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