It’s Complicated

Relationships. Love them or hate them, they are a reality of life. They are also very important as they reflect the God we serve. In this series, we will speak to every relational season and guide you toward true happiness which can only be found in Christ.


Relationships are complicated. Today, Pastor Nick and Pastor Ben talk about the season of singleness and how to uncomplicate it – with a special message to those who are married.

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As we continue in our relationship series, this week we talk about dating. Pastor Nick explains how to “Be the person, the person you’re looking for, is looking for”, so that dating doesn’t have to be complicated.

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Most times in marriage, you find out men and women have expectations but the realities don’t always match. Expectations are what make our relationships complicated. However, commitment can bring clarity out of complication in marriage. Today, Pastor Nick will share three commitments married couples must make to have the best marriage possible.

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