I Hate You…But It’s Killing Me

The Forgiveness Flow

When someone hurts us, the last thing we want to do is forgive them. But what if holding onto that hurt really just causes us further pain in the end? Don’t let your hurt turn to hate. Forgiveness may not be easy, but it is freeing. In this message, Pastor Nick teaches from Jesus’ words in Matthew 18 on how to let forgiveness flow through you. Watch now!

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Losing Count

We have a tendency to remember the things other people have done wrong. We keep lists of the ways someone has hurt us or let us down. Sometimes we can even be right about those things. They hurt. But we will never have a healthy relationship with someone else while we’re holding onto our lists of ways they’ve let us down. We can’t love people and have a list of their wrongs at the same time. Watch this message to discover how to forgive, find freedom and lose count of those wrongs.

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The Fence of Offense

When’s the last time someone said or did something that offended you? Chances are, it wasn’t all that long ago. What was your response? There’s two ways to respond when someone offends us: the bitter path and the better path. When we choose to take the bitter path, we build fences between us and the other person, and it weakens–and could eventually kill–our relationship with that person. So what if instead of taking the bitter path, we took the better one? Watch this message to find out how to avoid building fences of offense and take the better path.

I Forgive You...But I Don't Trust You

What happens when we have forgiven someone, but we still don’t trust them. Most relationships are not lost because of something that was said, but rather the things that were left unsaid. In this message, Pastor Billy teaches from Jesus’ words in Matthew 18 about how to move towards forgiveness, reconciliation, and trust in your relationships.

Between You and Me

When expectations don’t meet reality, it can lead to anger pretty quickly. Especially in relationships. And unresolved anger can derail our lives if we let the gap grow. But what would happen if we did all that is within our ability to close that gap? What if we resisted the urge to retaliate, humbly admitted when we’re wrong, and learned to apologize well? You might find that it actually changes the trajectory of your future with that person. Watch this message as Pastor nick teaches on how to stop letting your unresolved hate kill you.

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