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Ever feel like the stuff you’re spending your time on doesn’t really matter?  This series is a series gets to the heart of building habits into your life that actually do matter.  Everything from, “How to study the Bible” to “How to have the best year ever,” you’ll learn practical ways to develop spiritual habits that could change your life forever.f

How To: Make Your Year Matter

How to have the best year yet! This message from Philippians 3 challenges us to rethink what really counts and to pursue what really lasts.

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How To: Study The Bible

Truth will transform your life and God has given us a gift of truth through the Bible.  It is truth about life.  This week, learn 3 steps we can take to truly study and read the Bible.

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How To: Find Financial Fulfillment

We all want fulfillment in life, especially when it comes to our finances. Believe it or not, God wants us to be financially fulfilled. Finding contentment can be difficult for us when we have to balance reality vs our expectations. Use 4 steps to help you use God’s plan in finding financial fulfillment.

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How To: Fight Temptation

Every single one of us is tempted in life.  It’s not if…but when.  How we respond to the temptation will determine the result.  This week, learn a principle that can be used to fight temptation and used to develop you into a fully devoted follower of Christ.

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How To: Hear God's Voice

Are you tuned in? God’s voice will keep us going in the right direction, but sometimes our hearts are not ready to hear what He has to say. In the final week of the “How To:” series, we take away 4 steps to hear what God is saying to us.

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