Holding On

Holding On To Hope

In all of our lives today, we are desperately seeking for something to hold onto. Through it all, ultimately, we are seeking to hold onto hope. Where do you find hope? Is it in your favorite sports team? Family member? Co-worker? In this message, Pastor Nick talks about how we can truly hold onto Hope and how we can have a genuine faith that will carry us through life’s many struggles!

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Holding On To Identity

We all have labels that have been placed on us. These labels impact how we carry ourselves, our attitudes and our actions. They affect how we see ourselves and the world around us. And those labels can cause us to miss God’s plan for us. Join us as Pastor Billy talks about how and why we should let God define our identity.

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Holding On To Integrity

Integrity matters in every area of life: in our relationships, at our job, and in the things we do each day. Maybe you find yourself asking, “Am I a person of integrity?” or, “How can I become a person of integrity?” Today, Pastor Dave teaches about letting go of things that attack our integrity so that we can hold onto the things that will build and strengthen it. To live with integrity, hold on to Jesus and His example.

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Holding On To Honor

We are well familiar with what it means to honor something or someone: to place them in high esteem. Whether it’s a maid of honor at a wedding, a ring of honor for a sports team or a seat of honor for a monarch, we know what the action of honor entails. However, in the main passage in today’s message, Peter instructs the believers in hostile territory to live lives of honor. What does that mean? How can we live with honor in our relationships and be a light for Christ in our lives! Pastor Nick helps us answer some of these questions in today’s message!

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Holding On To The Right Perspective

We’ve all asked the question, “Why?” When life doesn’t seem to go our way, we seem quick to question what God’s plan is during this specific season. In this message, Pastor Nick teaches in 1 Peter 4 and we learn how to have the right perspective on our trials, live with the end in mind and hold on by letting go!

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