How can you experience freedom through these next few weeks? Do you need to be freed from something? In this series, we will learn how to experience the freedom of Christ and live your best life through Him!


You were born to be free, but sin has you chained. Jesus can set you free, but it’s your choice. This morning, Pastor Nick will talk about how we can choose to be free!

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Free From Fake

Fake people may appear like they have their life together. Do you ever feel trapped in that lie? Find out what Galatians 2 says about how we can be free from being fake.

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Free From Labels

Are you tired of the names and labels that you have been given and hold you down? This week Pastor Dave is teaching from Galatians 3 on how we can be free from the labels of this world and where we can find our true identity!

Free From Bondage

What are you holding onto that’s holding you back? Learn how to live in the freedom of Christ as Pastor Nick teaches on Galatians 4.

Free From Myself

So now that we have found our freedom in Christ, can we do whatever we want? Watch as Pastor Nick preaches out of Galatians 5 on how we are freed from and freed for! 

Freed to Help Free Others

We have been freed to help others become free! Bookmark Galatians 6 and join us for our last installment of the series, “Free.”

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