Facing The Blitz

Life is a lot like a blitz in football.  Our enemy poses the threat to destroy us, but our God gives is the key to overcoming the blitz and experiencing victory in life.


We all face the blitz in life.  We feel like big time obstacles enter our lives that threaten to tackle our progress, steal our joy, rob us of our pleasure, and destroy our dreams.  But make no mistake about it when big obstacles arrive big opportunities arise. 

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Unfair Treatment

Letdowns hurt.  And life is loaded with them.  And when life lets us down we’re left with a shattered dream.  How do you pick up the pieces and is it possible to see a masterpiece come from the mess?

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Beating Temptation

We are all tempted to do things we know we shouldn’t do.  This week Pastor Nick looks closely at the the story of Joseph and Identifies 3 characteristics that he displayed when he defeated the blitz of temptation.

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Beating Revenge

Jesus said, “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you.”  (Luke 6:27).  How in the world do we do that?  Today, Pastor Bob unpacks two characteristics of genuine forgiveness when we have been wronged. 

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