Digital Hygiene

Remove, Replace, Repeat

In a world that is surrounded with technology, you may not stop to think that digital hygiene is something important at all. We can easily be swayed by what the world is telling us online when we really need to allow God’s Word to be the guiding factor in our lives. In this message, Pastor Nick talks about a strategy for proper digital hygiene: remove, replace and repeat.

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Digital Detox

No matter how much we think we have things under control, our use of technology can easily bring worry and stress into our lives. We feel like we need to check every ding and click on every notification and that can lead to a constant feeling of worry with how we are perceived and what’s happening all around us. In this message, Pastor Nick addresses worry and how it may be beneficial to take a step back from technology for a season to better focus on God.

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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

When we talk about how we engage with technology, it’s easy to think to one extreme that we’re better off just being done with technology as a whole. We have learned, throughout this series, that that’s not necessarily the case. With the advancement of technology, there is a great opportunity to spread the gospel and bring people closer to Jesus than ever before! In this message, Pastor Nick talks about the unique opportunity technology presents to us and how we can utilize it to further the Kingdom!

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