This series is about living a life guided by convictions in a culture of compromise. From Daniel’s life, we
will be learning how to develop and believe in our core convictions, understand the power of worship in
our daily lives, and recommit to the course of spiritual progress God has been making in our lives.

Act Your Identity

How do you follow God’s way when the world is pulling you another way?  From Daniel’s life, we learned 3 critical truths about standing firm in our faith in a constantly shifting culture.


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Worship Is A Choice

Why does celebration and praise come so easily and naturally at a concert or sporting event, and is so hard to come by in church?   Whatever you worship determines the orientation and the direction of your life.


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Stand Strong!

For the final week of our ‘Daniel’ series, Pastor Nick reads from chapter 6 and we learn how to stand strong when we are tempted to be trapped by compromise.

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Awesome. I Have It.

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