Be a Bridge Builder

There is a gap between where we are and where we know God wants us to be. And the truth is, nothing of this world can bridge that gap. But, there’s good news! God sent Jesus to take on our sin and close that gap for us so we can live the new, freedom-filled life God wants for us. Watch this message, not only to hear about how Jesus is our bridge to new life, but also how we can help others find that bridge to new life.

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Build Bridges, Not Barriers

A barrier is the opposite of a bridge. Where a bridge is meant to get us for “here” to “there,” a barrier STOPS someone from getting from “here” to “there.” The hypocrisy of Christians is a barrier for many that desperately need a bridge. In this message, Pastor Billy shares with us 3 simple practices we can implement in our lives to be a bridge instead of a barrier.

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The Invitation

It feels good to be invited, to be included in something, and the same is true for our faith. We want the best for the people in our lives, but they won’t come if they’re not invited. Our greatest influence is on those closest to us, so how are we going to leverage that influence to extend the invitation?

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