Breaking Free from Normal

How can we redeem our time.. be purposeful, present and productive with our time? Let’s breakthrough from the distractions around us and focus on what God has as the best in our lives. Making an investment in what lasts forever will always be more valuable than investing in the fleeting.

Breaking Free from the Hurry

How can we grow our faith by taking time to just BE with God, especially in a world that tells us we need to live our lives as a fast pace? Pastor Nick shares how we can break free from the normal of hurry.

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Breaking Free from the Urgent

After sleep and work and even social media, most of us are only left with 42 hours in our week to do with what WE want. So how do we prioritize those hours to do what matters most? Watch, to learn more!

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Breaking Free From People Pleasing

One of the hardest lessons to learn is how to not be controlled by your desire to please people. It’s difficult because we all crave approval. In our service, Pastor Billy is talking about how people pleasing isn’t just an interpersonal problem, but a foundational and spiritual problem. Together, we’ll learn how we can live FROM the approval of our Heavenly Father. Watch our service to learn more!

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