Break Through

Ever feel like it’s right there, but you just can’t get to it?  This new series will be a journey of how to get where you know you need to go.  It’s time to break through worry, fear, anxiety, busyness and religion.

Break Through Worry

Worried about your kids? Your family? Your job? Your retirement? We all worry. But worry never gets us where we want to go, it only makes it worse. Find out how to BREAK THROUGH worry in this week’s message! 


Break Through Busyness

When it comes down to it, we are all busy in the same sorts of ways. Whether you are a pastor, a parent, or a pediatrician, you likely struggle with the crushing weight of work, family, exercise, bills, church, school, friends, and a bar-rage of requests, demands, and desires.  This week, Pastor Nick shares his personal story and helpful tips for you to break through busyness and control your life.


Break Through Religion

It is so easy to get spiritually stuck in religion.  We have all been there at some point or another.  The answer is to simply trust Jesus. This week, pastor Nick Cleveland unpacks 3 realities of religion that Jesus breaks through.

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