Big Questions

Why Do People Get Stuck in Their Faith?

Being stuck is the worst. We’ve all been places physically and emotionally where we don’t see a way out. In today’s message, Pastor Nick talks about being stuck in our faith and how we can focus on training our faith, rather than just trying it out.

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Can I Trust the Bible is True?

With the Bible being such an important part of our faith, there is a lot of talk about how much we can actually trust it. Many people outside the faith cast doubt on its accuracy which could cause us to ask questions of our own. While asking questions is good, how do we know that the Bible is true and something that we can hang our hat on? In this message, Pastor Nick talks about the accuracy and power of Scripture and how it can and will change your life!

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Is Jesus REALLY the Only Way?

When’s the last time you were faced with a situation where you only had one option? And how’d it make you feel? The truth is, in life we love to have options. Yet, in John 14, Jesus says that he is THE way, THE truth, and THE life. It’s true that he is the only way. So what does this mean for us in a world where we love to have options? WATCH today’s message to find out how we can live as a result of this truth!

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Why Can't I Live Life My Way?

Sometimes rules can feel like restrictions that keep us from doing things our way. It’s easy to think, “Why can’t I just live life my way?” But what if God’s rules aren’t meant to restrict us, but rather to direct and protect us toward the full life that He wants for us?

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Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Why do bad things happen to good people? Chances are you’ve asked this question and maybe even wondered why a good God would allow pain. We get it. But God has a purpose for our pain, and more than that, He promises to be with us in our pain. In today’s message, Pastor Billy answers this big question through what God promises in His word.

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Do I Really Need the Church?

Have you ever asked yourself if you really need the church? Getting to church can be hard, getting involved can be challenging, and the people there can test your patience. So is it really worth the effort? Well, if you want the full life it is! The community you build and growth you experience by being at church and being the church help you live the full life God designed for you to experience.


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