Battleground Of The Heart

Life’s full of ups and downs.  Our emotions are always battling for control of our heart, mind and life.  In this series, Battleground of the Heart, learn what the Bible says about how to win the battle to control your emotions, before they control you. 

The Battle For Your Heart

This week is all about control.  Do you have control of your heart or do your emotions?  Learn with us about how moods are a byproduct of our minds and how the condition of your heart affects what we say, see and do!  What a difference it could make if we decide to trust the promises of God regardless of our feelings.

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How To Respond When You Feel Let Down

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When our expectations aren’t met, we face a reality full of letdown.  Even though letdown is a part of life, our response doesn’t have to control our heart and emotions!  In this message learn what the Bible says about how our response to letdown can open up the door for a thicker skin and softer heart!

From Fear To Faith

Fear is a basic human emotion; everyone is afraid of something.  The battle for the affection of our heart can be captured by fear before we even realize it.  But God says hundreds of times in the Bible, “Fear Not!”  In this message, learn what God has to say about moving from fear to faith!

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Why Anger Doesn't Work

Do you hold it back or let ‘er rip?  Are you one that clams up or blows up when you’re angry?  We are all angry sometimes, but when we let anger control our heart, we always lose.  Learn how to win the battle against anger, before it controls you.

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Defeat Greed With Gratitude

It’s not always easy to be thankful in our culture.  Greed is another enemy of the heart that’s battling for control.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could defeat greed with gratitude by learning to give more than want to get more?  Learn what the Bible has to say about winning the battle to find contentment regardless of how we feel.

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