10 Timeless Commandments

This 10-week summer series will discuss each commandment one-by-one and learn that the 10 commandments are the best moral code today. Each commandment communicates God’s character, confronts our lack of character, charts for us a new path for life, and comes with a promise where God moves the truth from stone to our heart. This is what makes the 10 commandments timeless.

No Other Gods

As we kick off a brand new series for summer, we take a closer look at the first commandment – ‘you shall have no other gods before me’

No Idols

An idol is someone or something you put your confidence in more than God.  Idolatry is not an issue; it’s THE issue.   Who or what we serve is our god.  And there are really only 2 options: You either serve the god you’ve created or the God who created you.


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God Has A Name

Our names mean something to us.  What you call someone says a lot about your relationship with them. What name do you call God?  God’s name reveals His nature, will you choose to honor or dishonor that name?


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Work and Rest

We are busy, tired and exhausted. We walk into work on Monday morning just as tired as we left on Friday. Today, we tackle the 4th commandment as we learn that God’s best is to work then rest.

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Honor Your Parents

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Do Not Murder

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Do Not Commit Adultery

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You Shall Not Steal

Are you withholding something from somebody else? Today we tackle that topic as we dive into commandment #8 – ‘You Shall Not Steal’

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Liar, Liar!

The truth matters! We have all been lied to and we have all lied. Today we dive into commandment #9 – Do not lie.


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Do Not Covet

Today we are wrapping up our summer series ’10 Timeless Commandments’ and are focusing on the final commandment – Do Not Covet.


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