Torrential Rain. Catastrophic Flooding. Overwhelming Destruction.

What hit as a Category 4 Storm on August 25 with sustained winds of over 130 MPH, spent a few days as a Tropical Storm, and has now been [finally] downgraded to a Tropical Depression. Hurricane Harvey has truly left it’s mark on Houston and it’s surrounding neighborhoods dumping over 4 feet of rain.

Disaster Relief Units of First Responders, and Military have been deployed to Texas to provide aid to those in need and non-profit organizations are in place to continue deploying relief efforts as needs arise.

Today, we discovered a unique opportunity to partner with a local church in Houston. We are excited about this strategic partnership as they are on-the-ground working not only to collect needed resources and mobilize teams but are uniquely positioned in the Houston community to assess needs from their people, their neighbors, their family and their friends. After an online meeting with 34 other Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches this morning (organized by Encompass World Partners) we are ready to launch a centralized response to this devastating storm by partnering with Bayou City Fellowship in Texas.

We will be releasing more info just as soon as we get word on the resources that will be most valuable to them in this time of need. But for now here is how you can help:

  1. Pray. Please pray for the people of Texas and western Louisiana. Pray for the first responders, military and the teams that are on the ground.  Pray for the churches and non-profits that are organizing relief efforts and pray that we would be able to stand with Texas in the name of Jesus!
  2. Give. You can give by marking “Disaster Relief Fund” on your checks payable to Grace Church. We will first be distributing a portion of this giving to Samaritan’s Purse for immediate needs, a portion to help mobilize and supply local teams with needed materials, and any excess funds directly to Bayou City Fellowship. We also hope to be able to collect and transport needed resources soon, we are currently in contact with Bayou to see what they need the most (stay tuned). We will be collecting some of these items at the Wayne County Fair at our booth.
  3. Donate Now

  4. Go. In the upcoming weeks and months we will be deploying teams to help in relief efforts. We have a partnering church in the Houston area; Bayou City Fellowship and a Crisis Response Agency to help us get connected to disaster relief work. Between these connections, we will deploy interested volunteers by either organizing our own teams or offering options with trusted partner organizations. To be placed on a list of interested people for a Disaster Relief Team, please complete this FORM .

Let’s not forget the three stages of disaster relief:  Relief. Rehabilitation. Recovery. The needs are very specific in each stage and we need to be careful to offer what is needed and be sensitive to our receiving partners time-table. We hope to provide you with more clarity and details as early as Sunday at church!

It’s time to rally and provide help and hope in the name of Jesus.

Learn more about hurricane disaster relief & recovery here:

Samaritan’s Purse

Bayou City Fellowship