Just a quick update on our ministry partners that are affected directly by Hurricane Matthew. Grace Church has sent Olivia Bernadine with Breathe Partners to serve in Bercy, Haiti and Galen and Cassandra Sadler and family with Kings Cross in Caberet, Haiti. They are on the ground, hunkered down, and awaiting the hurricane Matthew to pass.


Here is an update from each ministry so you can know how to pray for them.

Breathe Partners Update:

There are 18 people who came last night to the Breathe Center in Haiti – 6 adults and 12 children. The storm has not come with it’s worst yet and the wind is died down in this moment as well as the rain…it goes in spurts. A team of young women is making food now and we are prepared for the worst while hoping for the best! Follow Olivia on Facebook.

Kings Cross Update:

At this time, the storm is bearing down in our area. Many live in mud and stick homes and have issues during a regular storm. We have opened our school buildings as a safe place for anyone needing shelter. We also have food available for those in need. Most people cook in outside kitchens and the storm would prohibit them from any cooking. Fortunately last year, we built a block building for cooking. Follow Galen and Cassandra on Facebook. 


If you’d like to help those affected by Hurricane Matthew, you can to the disaster relief fund.

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