Orphan Care


Grace Church Sponsors four orphan homes in Cambodia and Thailand

$15 feeds a rescued child for 30 days. Every contribution matters

$200 the approximate amount to sponsor one child for one month

$2500 the approximate amount to sponsor one child for one year


Pray that we would continue enriching the lives of existing kids and staff.

Pray for expansion as we continue enlarging our reach by adding more homes in Asia.

Pray for our vision to reach beyond our current ministry and into future generations.


Grace Church takes 1-2 annual trips to Southeast Asia to visit our homes. We go to encourage our on-the-ground staff, love our kids, to be present and to foster relationships with our world partners.

Asia’s Hope

is transforming lives around the world with two extraordinary ideas: that an orphanage can be a real family – and that all of us can lead courageously on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable children.

It has been an extraordinary privilege to partner with Asia’s Hope. A grassroots organization that began in 2002 with a member of our Grace Church pastoral team and another co-founder, Asia’s Hope has grown into a thriving independent organization, garnering multi-church support and providing families to orphans across Cambodia, Thailand and most recently, India. God is working and it’s exciting to be a part of their ministry.

If you’re not familiar with Asia’s Hope, their model is inspiring. Basically, a church supports a home and the home operates as a family. In order to keep the homes from being institutionalized, they hire godly couples as Directors… but the secret ingredient is that “Directors” is really just a fancy word for “Parents”. These Directors become real fathers and mothers to the kids and they do it with grace and truth. They function together… they cook together, they clean together, they pray together, they do homework together and go to church together. Asia’s Hope is interested in long-term care for these kids so they can be educated (primary and secondary education) and thrive as adults in their culture. Their approach is humble, but aggressive, striving toward international partnerships and interdependence to support and care for orphaned children at high risk of sexual and economic exploitation. The work isn’t easy, but it is making the difference.

Grace Church supports four Orphan Homes, two in Wiang Pa Pow, Thailand and two in Battambang, Cambodia. A simple photo of these children will melt your heart, not to mention their stories. We talk a lot about our commitment to Wayne Country, but let’s not forget about these precious children across the world in our prayers.

There is always a need for new shareholders as we continue to enrich the lives of current kids and staff, expand our reach, and extend our vision for future generations.

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