Pastor Daron Butler, Next Steps Pastor

This Christmas 2017, Grace Church is seeking to raise $50,000 (of the $120,000 goal) in the Greatest Gift Christmas Offering so that we can enrich the lives of the children in our homes by providing much needed improvements for our homes in Wiang Pa Pao, Thailand.

The improvements include the completion of the steel framing for the roof, roof tiles, plaster door and window frames, water and electrical lines, and remodeling of walls and ceilings. In addition, the funds will help install tile flooring and a concrete walkway around the perimeter of the home as well as provide new bunk beds, bedding, wardrobes and dressing screens.

There are three primary reasons for the home upgrades:

  1. Our kids are growing up! Most of the children are now teens, and need new beds, more privacy, and improved infrastructure.
  2. The government is requiring upgrades. In the past few years, fatal tragedies at other orphanages have prompted stricter rules and ever-growing regulation from the government.
  3. We are praying to expand and extend God’s love to future at-risk children. We pray for wisdom as we reach beyond our current ministry and into future generations.

Give joy this Christmas by giving now to provide enrichment to the lives of our children in our homes in Thailand. Engage in missions! Give now to the Greatest Gift Offering!

Greatest Gift Christmas Offering

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