by: Carrie Sansom

“Mom, I’m pregnant.”  Words I’m sure my mom never expected to hear from her 17-year-old daughter.  Her seemingly responsible teen.  The girl who couldn’t wait for youth group every Sunday.  But those are the words I uttered as I felt my stomach churn and knew I was going to be sick again.  What went through my mother’s mind as I confessed my condition to her?  Did she think through a list of How Could Yous…  Maybe my college plans and the dreams I’d had for the future flashed by…  I couldn’t read her eyes exactly.  Her expression was almost peaceful, but that couldn’t be right.  I certainly didn’t feel any peace.  None.  But then my mother spoke.

She looked directly into my frightened eyes and said, “You are so loved, by me and by God.  This is not the end of your story, and I will be there alongside you every step of the way to remind you of that.  God has an amazing plan for you and for this child.  Trust Him for it.”  After she spoke those words, she held me tight as I wept—with relief.

My mom was true to her word and more.  She never wavered in her support.  Her love was so much bigger than my faults.  And she taught me that the same was even more true for God’s love.  Most of all she made me realize that when you think you’ve messed up your life beyond all hope, turn the page.  God’s not done writing your story.

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