Members Meeting 2022

Press the play button to watch the 2022 pre-recorded Members Meeting and cast your online ballot before 11:59 pm on 5/30/22.  Check out the links below to resources, the Annual Report, and your ballot.

                          Members Meeting video                       


Dear Member of Grace Church,

Thanks for taking part in our annual Members Meeting! This pre-recorded meeting will cover all of the items up for vote, including the proposed 2022-2023 budget and board leadership positions. Voting members can cast their online ballot from Sunday, May 29 at noon until Monday, May 30 at midnight. You may also drop off an in-person vote on Sunday, May 29 from 12 noon-7 pm; there will be a drop box at the main church office.

Below you will find the Members Meeting video, other resources and your online ballot. Please make sure to cast your online vote before Monday, May 30 at midnight.

We truly believe the best is yet to come for Grace Church and believe that this meeting and the items up for vote will best position our church for future Kingdom work!

Wade Karhan
Board Chairman

Pastor Nick Cleveland
Senior Pastor


                     Annual Report               

             Official Board Bios           

   2022-2023 Budget Summary