I remember when the Bible became “alive” to me. When I took the time to open my heart and dedicate my time and effort to understanding the Bible, the Word of God transformed my life! The pages of the Bible contain stories of hope, sorrow, redemption, love, sacrifice, sin, punishment, encouragement and many more all designed to draw you closer to God and His plan for all of humanity and for you! I dare you to take the time to read and understand the Bible and just see what God does in and through your life!

So how do you go about reading, studying and applying the Bible? There’s so much to go through! Here, we put together a guide to make interacting with the text as easy as possible. Below, you will find tips and resources to help the Bible come alive to you!

YouVersion Bible App

This app is such an incredible tool to study, understand and apply the Word in your life! This free app is available in your App Store or Google Play. You can read your Bible anywhere with this app or let audio versions read to you on the go. YouVersion provides many different versions of the Bible and thousands of reading plans with the ability to highlight and create notes along the way! Check out this video tutorial for more information.

10 Day Journey with Jesus

Setting aside time to be in the Word can be difficult! Take 10 minutes each day for 10 consecutive days to read a key passage and a few thoughts in this devo series. You’ll build up some momentum and begin making Bible reading a daily habit!

5 Easy Steps to Interpreting and Applying Scripture

Sure you can read the Bible but how do you study it…I mean, REALLY study it? There are many good strategies. Personally, I love the strategy by Duvall and Hayes from their book Grasping God’s Word. They outline 5 easy steps to interpreting and applying Scripture.

Bible Study Tools and Methods with Pastor Steve

Check out this short video of Pastor Steve describing some Bible study tools and methods. You won’t regret learning these tips and tricks to get even more out of your time in the Word!

Memory Challenge

Memorize Psalm 119:9-16 this week as a reminder of the value of reading and memorizing Scripture!

Memorizing verses is often a neglected practice. For one reason or another when it comes to memorization, we often don’t give it the time of day. Psalm 119:9-16 speaks to the importance of studying and memorizing Scripture. What are some of the ways this passage encourages us to memorize Scripture and what reason does it give for doing so?

I hope this post gives you some new tools for your time studying His Word. When you start reading the Bible to change, the Spirit of God truly makes the Word of God come to life! It’s my prayer that you can experience this joy as you dive into Scripture this week and beyond!