Global Vision:  29% of the world’s population has never had the opportunity to hear about Jesus.   Some of our Greatest Gift offerings will be directed to places around the globe where few opportunities exist to hear the Good News about Christ.

Evangelism and Discipleship Training for Oral Learners.  70-80% of the world doesn’t depend on textual means for learning, education, or training. Karin Puhl (Encompass World Partners missionary) has developed curriculum materials and trained dozens of African women in how to use Bible storying methods. Now, we have the opportunity for these methods to reshape how we engage disciples in oral (non-literate) societies. Financial support would be directed toward actual expenses for training events/curriculum development and one-time personal support for Karin and Frank Puhl.

Pastors’ Training in Nigeria. There’s a great need for trained leaders in many churches in Africa.  This would be the first ever pastors’ training in that country by our Fellowship of Churches.

Asia’s Hope. These resources would provide maintenance and furnishings for our two orphan homes in Battambang, Cambodia, vocational and university scholarships for students in Wiang Pa Pao, Thailand, and sponsored support of our Cambodian and Thai homes.

Regional Vision:   We are committed to raising up leaders in the next generation and establishing future campuses where the Truth about Jesus will be proclaimed in our own region and nation. 

Campus Planting. Some Greatest Gift offerings will augment resources for future campus plants.

Leadership Development This year, we launched a brand-new residency program for young leaders who are pursuing a career in full-time ministry. They receive biblical training, ministry leadership experience, and intentional mentoring by our pastoral staff along with practical tools to launch them into their next phase of ministry to provide disciple-making leadership in the Church and in the world. Three young men are already making a strong contribution to our mission through the launch of our new campus, ministry with Youth, worship ministry, and our digital evangelism strategy. 

Local Vision:   We believe that sharing the Good News of the Gospel begins next door.  Some of our Greatest Gift resources will be directed to those projects that are focused on Wayne or Medina Counties.

#forMedina. Cups Café is a well-respected non-profit in Medina, which addresses food insecurity, and assists at-risk teens and women. Love Medina, which partners with the City of Medina, Love INC Medina, and local churches, facilitates service projects for residents of Medina. This is a ministry that has been shouldered largely by the Medina East campus of our sister church, Grace Church of Greater Akron.

Shop with a Hero Christmas Gifts for Foster Parents.  During Shop with a Hero, foster children get the opportunity to pick out gifts for themselves for Christmas. Last year, Shop with a Hero also gave the opportunity for children to buy gifts for their foster parents. For many of the kids, it was their favorite part of the experience. Unfortunately, funds were limited, so it was difficult for them to select gifts that appropriately reflected their gratitude. This gift would allow for approximately $150 for each child toward purchases for their foster parents.  In addition to the gift, we plan to include the Christmas magazine we are using in our outreach to families in the community, which includes family activities and the gospel.

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