Greatest Gift Christmas Offering 2023

Give hope this Christmas locally, regionally, and globally with an above and beyond gift to the Greatest Gift Christmas Offering, which encourages and supports ministry to “the last, the least, and the lost” of our community and the world. Our goal of $150,000 is listed below with a description of the projects.


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Bible Institute Professor Training in Africa$15K (10%)
A two-week training in Bangui for over 40 African students from central Africa.

Ministry Training in Cambodia: $15K (10%)
The Grace Center in Battambang enables the conversion of several students each year. Many of these students stay on site for up to 5 years and are trained as disciples. Recently, Encompass has identified the need to provide additional ministry training, especially for church planting.

Leadership Development, Grace Church Residency: $35K (23%)This would cover 1 resident in our residency program for 1 year. Residents at Grace will receive biblical training, practical experience as team members & leaders, intentional mentoring by our pastoral staff and practical tools to launch them into their next phase of ministry. Leaders who faithfully complete our Residency Program will be uniquely prepared to provide disciple-making leadership in the Church and in the world.

Imago Work, Vietnam $20K: (13%)
Toward purchasing new and upgraded equipment for Imago Work & Simple Coffee ($10,000; i.e. espresso machine, grinders, kitchen appliances). Another portion of this project ($10,000) will support two short-term teams for Fall 2024 and February 2025, which will focus on planning and hosting of a Night to Shine event for February 2025 in Hanoi.

Asia’s Hope $30K: (20%)
Up to $15,000 will be allocated for specific campus updates, while the rest will go toward Rainy Day Fund and regular support.

Pregnancy Care Centers of Wayne and Medina Counties: $35K (23%)
Medina County has specific projects and needs that total $3,000-$5,000. The rest of the funds will be allocated toward the Wayne County Pregnancy Center. Funds will fund a medical wing expansion at their current location, which will provide greater and more improved opportunity for personal counseling, ultrasounds, and other medical attention from professional staff.


Give To Greatest Gift